Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Acne Scars Treatment - Effective Options

Acne Scars Treatment Options:-

If acne is a problem, then the after effects of acne are a bigger problem. Scars and blemishes. On the surface, these scars look superficial. But actually the scarring happens till the deep layers. Removing scars is not easy. The more you delay in taking treatment for the fading of scars, the more deeper will be the scarring. There are many methods by which scars are removed. Laser treatment, micro dermabrasive treatments and chemical peeling are the most popular and effective methods of reducing scars.

Micro dermabrassion

This is a procedure that removes a layer of dead cells from surface of the skin. Small crystals of aluminium dioxide is used in this process. The chemical is sprayed forcefully using a powerful spraying device. The force with which the cold hard powder is sprayed destroys the top layer of skin cells. Along with the top layer of the skin, the scarred pigments are also removed. So, the scars appear light. Usually, for severe scarring, undergoing the treatment once will not help much. You have to take multiple sittings for the scars to completely vanish.