Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Treat Acne Properly and Care Acne Prone Skin

How to Treat Acne Properly and Care for Acne Prone Skin

There are basically four types of skins - normal, dry, oily and combination skins. While dry and normal skins are less prone to acne, it is oily skin that bears the brunt of acne in most cases. The treatment of acne starts from the care for the skin.

Oily skin has its plus points. It ages very slowly. Wrinkles develop very gradually. The major drawbacks of oily skin are enlarged pores, acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. But with proper care, you can make your oily skin glowing and beautiful.

1. The basic care for oily skin is deep cleansing. It is not enough to just remove dirt logged in the pores. You should get rid of the oil or sebum as well. Use medicated face washes.

2. Be guarded about the cosmetics you use. Cosmetics and creams are either oil based or water based. Choose water or aqua based creams and lotions, preferably containing fruit and flower extracts.

3. Avoid heavy make up. Acne prone skin has blemishes. In order to cover these blemishes and spots, people use concealers. Though concealers might give you a temporary blemish free look, they block up the pores and increase the incidence of acne. The condition will be triggered and aggravated due to the use of oil based make up. Keep away from oily foundations and other make up accessories. If you use make up, remove all traces of it before going to sleep. The skin should be free of chemicals in order to facilitate the skin to breathe. This is an important point to be remembered in the treatment of acne.

4. Guard your pimples. This sounds ridiculous. But it is important that you don't let your pimples burst. Always keep a ball of cotton and an antiseptic lotion with you in case your pimples open up. Clean the area immediately with the antiseptic.

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