Thursday, March 10, 2011

Types of Treatment for Acne- Common Precautions

What treatment measures are usually needed for acne?
Treatment of Constitutional and local measures, the latter with more impetus as always.

How the constitutional treatment is based

according to indications. Diet and health measures are vital. In Indigestion and  constipation, bitter tonic, alkali, acid, pepsin, in Salt and herbal laxatives, etc are given separately. Chlorotic and anæmic cases of glandular preparations Benefits. Fish oil is often an instrument of great importance, and Particularly useful in the strumous and impaired subjects.In some cases, more especially in a dull grainy acne, arsenic, especially  sulfide Arsenic, acts favorably. In general, treatment of the line of   the gastrointestinal canall is most successful.

State the nature of the topical treatment of acne.

It must differ with local conditions. In cases where intense Character, clearly lost in the sense that hyperemic, Tender and painful, a soothing remedy to be  applied. in exceptional cases Treatment must be provided casual affairs. As a rule, however, stimulating applications can be used from the beginning.
Treatment, for obvious reasons, is most convenient to apply Before bed.

What preliminary measures are to be advised in normal cases of acne?

Gently or vigorously wash, according to the irritability of Skin with soap and warm water, then rinsing and wiping for several minutes with hot water and thereafter drying  with a soft towel are sugested; In mild and non-irritable cases sapo viridis or its tincture may often be advantageously applied in lieu of the ordinary toilet soap.

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