Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Acne causes,prevention and remedies

Explain the immediate or direct cause of acne lesions.
Hyper secretion or retention of sebum are the major reasons. Recent studies
indicate the possibility of a special wall for an exciting cause,in some cases at least. Pyogenic cocci are added factors in pustular and furuncular cases.

 indirect or predisposing causes of acne.
Eating disorders, constipation, menstrual irregularities,chlorosis, general weakness, lack of tone in the muscle fibers skin scrofulosis and drugs such as iodides and bromides resin internally and externally.
Working in a dusty environment often influential, as a result of a block of iron channels. Working in paraffin oil or other cooking oil are often causes of acne.
The disease is more common in people with light skin.

Is there a problem in the diagnosis of acne?
No, if it is to remember that acne is limited to certain parts of follicular and ever, and that several stages of comedones to mature lesions tend to be regarded in any case.

What is pustular syphiloderm different from pimples?
In its general distribution, the greater the duration of the individual defeat, the darker the color, and the presence of accompanying symptoms

What is the pathology of acne?
Firstly, acne is folliculitis, in connection with the maintenance or expansion
sebaceous glands or the introduction of micro-organisms; Subsequently, the adjacent tissues directly involved in possible destruction of the sebaceous gland follicles as a result. level of anti-inflammatory activity determines the type of injury.

State Weather Acne is curable?
This disease is usually persistent, yet curable. In some cases, they yield easily, and in certain cases very rebellious, especially acne on the back. Success depends largely on the recognition and removal of predisposing conditions. Treatment  usually last a few months.

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