Thursday, March 3, 2011

Acne Myths and Facts - What Causes Acne ?

Acne Myths Busted
Acne is a common skin infection which hits almost everybody at some point in their lives. Since it affects the face and makes it scarred and blemished, people try all sorts of remedies to get rid of the dreaded acne. However, not all these remedies work. There are a lot of myths associated with acne. The most common among them are discussed here.
1. Washing face very frequently will get rid of acne: The most common mistake that people commit in handling acne is washing face too frequently, owing to the myth that frequent washing gets rid of acne. It is true that washing face regularly reduces acne since it clears lodged dirt and oil from the skin. But "regular" should be confined to twice or thrice a day. Too frequent washing makes face dry and patchy. Some amount of oil and moisture is necessary for the skin to maintain elasticity. Loss of elasticity leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. So, cleansing acne prone skin is very essential but overdoing it causes harm to the skin
2. Pinching out pimples will make them disappear: Another very common misconception that people fall prey to is that bursting open pimples clears them up. This is absolutely wrong. When pimples burst open, the infected sebum that spreads all over the face can aggravates infection. Pinching one pimple will give rise to ten new eruptions. You should be very careful while wiping skin that has acne. It is best to just pat it dry.
3. Blackheads are dirt: Blackheads are not dirt but oil trapped in the pores. This happens when, due to excess secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands, the oil comes to the surface of the skin. When this oil comes in to contact with air, it gets oxidized and hardens. Oxidation of trapped oil makes it turn black. This is blackhead. Dirt has nothing to do with it.
4. Acne is caused by wrong diet: Myth number four is that diet gives rise to acne. This is not true. Acne is caused due to the over activity of sebaceous glands. It is an inherited problem. It can also be caused due to major hormonal changes in the body like during puberty. While eating some kinds of food may not agree with a skin prone to acne, food by itself is not the cause for acne. A balanced diet is good for any kind of skin.
5. Dandruff causes acne: This is another myth. When there is persistent dandruff in your hair, the fine powder of the dandruff falls on to your face and blocks the pores. This does not, in essence cause acne since dandruff in no way effects the way your sebaceous glands work. Dandruff may slightly aggravate the problem, it is not the root cause for it.
6. Adults will not get acne: Acne is not only for teens. Most people live under the impression that once they cross their puberty stage, they are rid of acne forever. This is not true. Teenagers develop acne due to the hormonal hyperactivity during the teenage years. That does not mean that hormone imbalance will never occur again. Around menopause, the process repeats. So you may get acne again. Adult acne is also caused due to high stress levels. Basically, there is no particular age limit for acne. You should always keep your face clean and take care of your skin so that acne may be kept at bay.
These are a few of the many myths that are attached with acne. Before you believe a new tit bit about acne, check out if it is just a myth. For all that you know, it may well be just that.
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