Friday, March 11, 2011

Acne Rosacea- How does it differ from Acne and Pimples ?

 A  definition of acne rosacea. 
Rosacea is a chronic hyperemic or inflammatory diseases, limited to face, especially on the nose and cheeks, characterized by redness, extension and expansion of blood vessels, more or less like acne and hypertrophy.

Describe the symptoms of acne rosacea.
The disease may be small or well-marked. Redness, capillary dilation, are the symptoms. Moderate infection is a simple redness or hyperemia,  of nose,  and will be treated as passive congestion, it is not uncommon in young people  often associated with fatty seborrh . In many cases, the condition does not progress beyond that stage. In other cases, however, sooner or later, dilated capillaries were constantly renewed  and acne are often present - As far as the middle stage or extent of the disease, it is the type most frequently met with.further hypertrophy of blood vessels results in glands  enlarged 

What are the subjective symptoms of acne rosacea?
As a rule, there is no such subjective symptoms. Some of the acne can be tender and painful, and sometimes a sense of  burning is observed.

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